A Fire Destroyed a Three Generation Home…They Need Our Help!

On March 28, 2021, a fire destroyed the home that Magda Estrada had lived in for over 4o years. With no means to replace her house, she instantly became homeless. While generous neighbors have opened their doors and given her, her son, and her grandson a place to stay, this is only temporary. One Small House wants to ensure they have a permanent home as soon as possible. Thanks to the amazing support during our build earlier this year, we already have $5,000 to put towards this project, and work has begun to clear the debris. But this isn’t enough to build them a home. We need your continued support. Please help and consider donating. As always, 100% of your donations go into building these homes.

Magda Estrada Home Post-Fire

Another Successful Build!

One Small House, along with dozens of generous donors, came together quickly to ensure this family didn’t stay houseless for long. In less than one week, our amazing donors put together enough money to replace this destroyed house. And just a few weeks after that, our crew of local builders turned it into a brand new home. The gratitude of Magda and her family cannot be overstated. Below is the key ceremony.

A Huge Thanks to Those Who Have Already Given!


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