Our Goal:

One Small House builds homes and community buildings for the poorest families by bringing together determined volunteers and generous donors. Managed entirely by volunteers, we strive to provide our families with security, our volunteers with experiences they will cherish forever, and our donors with the assurance that their funds are used wisely.

How We Operate:

One Small House has worked in rural Mexico, Haiti, and parts of the US for over the past ten years, and during this process we have learned a great deal. One of our biggest strengths is the way we involve the community in the work. As often is the case, non-profit organizations working abroad, despite their best intentions, can alienate and undermine the delicate infrastructure of impoverished communities. While remaining cognizant of this potential dilemma, OSH works intimately with the families we’re serving to ensure we’re keeping their interests at the forefront.

OSH identifies if a family is eligible to receive a new home by conducting in-person visits, vetting them through trusted contacts and community leaders, as well as requiring proof of land ownership. This ensures that the homes being built go to those who will benefit most from a safe, secure new home. In addition, OSH employs local labor to help our volunteer crew and purchases all materials within the community to stimulate the local economy.

Furthermore, we strive to be as transparent as possible. In order to bring our donors close to the projects they brought to life, we send them personalized photos and videos of the build while it happens. 100% of their donations go to each build as all of our overhead costs are funded by our board of directors.