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One Small House Makes A Big Difference

Over the past ten years, OSH has built  75 homes in rural Mexico, the Mississippi Delta, Haiti and Shreveport, Louisiana. Thanks to the tremendous support of our donors and volunteers, we’ve been able to help countless families. And because we’re run entirely by volunteers, we’re able to promise that your donations go directly towards helping these families. A special thanks to everyone who has helped in our simple mission.

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Cautiously Building SAFELY CONSTRUCTED Three Homes!

Earlier in the year, our team at One Small House met three families, all related, who despite working hard their entire lives have been unable to break the cycle of poverty. As a result, the three families, sixteen people total, including ten kids, lived in some of the worst conditions we’ve seen. And with the rainy season underway, we felt a large sense of urgency to help them out. Thanks to the amazing support of you all, we were able to quickly raise over $22,000 to build these homes. Unfortunately, COVID put a delay on our progress, as we needed to ensure our crew stays safe. By utilizing a skeleton crew and ensuring ensuring proper safety protocols, we were able to carefully construct these homes. Norberto, Mercedez, Diego, Adriana, Esperanza, Jose Manuel, Cristian, Vivian, Karina, Cristina, Angel, Karen, Abran, Lin May, Maria and Moises have now moved into secures homes.

Meet the Families

Norberto Hernandez, 30 years old, is a cement worker. His wife, Mercedez, 33 years old, works at a factory. They have four children, Diego (12 years old), Adriana (10 years old), Esperanza (8 years old) and Jose Manuel (6 years old).

Cristian Hernandez is 30 years old and is a cement worker. His wife, Vivian, is 27 years old and works in a factory. They have four children: Karina (8 years old), Cristina (6 years old), Angel (4 years old) and Karen (2 years old).

Abran Hernandez is 28 years old and a cement worker (not pictured). His wife, Lin May, is 30 years old and stay at home with a chronic illness. They have two kids, Maria (13 years old) and Moises (10 years old).

Check Out Most Recently Completed Projects!

MEXICO: Thanks to our amazing donors and hardworking volunteers, the Sanchez Family now resides in a brand new home! We were not only able to fundraise for this project, but thanks to the overage, we are helping even more families. As always, any extra funds we are able to raise go directly into the same community. Thanks to all of you, we’re currently helping out countless families by repairing roofs, building bathrooms, etc. All these things made possible thanks to people like you.

HAITI: Zakarie and his family have struggled since their home was severely damaged by Hurricane Matthew. Zakarie is a mason and farmer, but is currently unable to find work. Zakarie is taking care of his wife, elderly parents, and 2 children. Sometimes they make the long 6hr journey into Port-au-Prince to try and sell things in the markets, but they barely get by. This photo is where Zakarie and his family used to live. There were 6 people living and sleeping in this structure, and they were in desperate need of a sound home to live in. Thanks to your help, Zakarie and his family are now living in a brand new home! Click here to see photos from the build!

MEXICO: During the first week of August 2019, we built two homes for the Zazueta and Ortega Families! Check out the key ceremonies below.

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