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Mexico Build – January 2021

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One Small House

Mexico Build – January 2021

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One Small House Makes A Big Difference

Over the past ten years, OSH has built  75 homes in rural Mexico, the Mississippi Delta, Haiti and Shreveport, Louisiana. Thanks to the tremendous support of our donors and volunteers, we’ve been able to help countless families. And because we’re run entirely by volunteers, we’re able to promise that your donations go directly towards helping these families. A special thanks to everyone who has helped in our simple mission.

…and counting!

During COVID-19, Housing Is Needed Now More Than Ever!

Earlier in the year, a skeleton crew of local builders cautiously constructed three homes for three desperate families. Thanks to their dedication and hard work, Norberto, Mercedez, Diego, Adriana, Esperanza, Jose Manuel, Cristian, Vivian, Karina, Cristina, Angel, Karen, Abran, Lin May, Maria, and Moises have now moved into secures homes. COVID-19 continues to impact lives around the world and the need for safe housing is even more important.

That is why we must continue our work! We have identified several families that are in great need of safe housing. And as soon as we’re able to secure the funds, we’ll start construction on their new homes. Although this project will not have any volunteer builders, the heart of One Small House will be felt throughout the home, as these families know and are incredibly appreciative of the generosity of our donors.

Meet Our Next Families!

Filberto Perez is 33 years old and married to Viridiana Madrid, who is 29. They work 6 days a week in a local factory and have four children. Dana (not pictured is 12 years old). From left to right are six-year-old twins Erick and Erika, along with Christopher, who is 8 years old.

We’ll also be building for a single mother family of four. Maria Jesus Cabrera is a factory worker six days a week. She has three children. Hector (not pictured) is 14 years old and was at a friend’s house doing homework. Guadalupe is 9 years old and the youngest is Samantha at 4 years old. Maria’s mother helps watch the children while she is at work. Currently, they live in a dilapidated shack and desperately need our help!

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MEXICO: COVID-19 has impacted the entire globe and the need for safe housing is as important as ever. Thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers, organizers, and local contractors, we were able to safely construct three homes during the pandemic. Our top priority was safety, both for the crew and for these families living in squalor. Thanks to incredible support from donors, coupled with the diligence of our small crew to stay safe, three families and over 17 people are now in a brand new home. Check out the video of Karina thanking everyone for her new home!

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