Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of One Small house is unique in every sense of the word. To begin, every member is a professional “something else” yet finds countless hours and dollars to help support the work being done. From family physician to professional musician, this diverse set of people is united in their focus of helping families in need. In addition, this Board isn’t a team who makes decisions from afar. Instead, these are the people leading trips, swinging hammers and consulting with family members. One Small House has remained in touch with its work because from the top down, everyone involved with this organization is part of every home, orphanage and clinic that is built. Beyond this, the Board also generously agrees to cover all of One Small House’s expenses that aren’t directly related to building homes. This means that EVERY CENT received from donors goes DIRECTLY into new homes.

Born in the Midwest, but now calling California his home, Dr. Craig Torres-Ness has been involved with One Small House since his return to the States from teaching high school in Mexico for two years.  His enthusiasm for speaking Spanish, tacos, and listening to Banda music is matched only by his sincere desire to help the disadvantaged. He currently serves as the President of One Small House and is clinical faculty in Emergency Medicine at LA County + USC in Southern California. Craig hopes to continue working to address health disparities around the world.

Dr. Robert Katz is a family medicine physician in Middletown, Connecticut. He and a wonderful group of friends founded One Small House in July of 2001 as a spin-off of from Club Dust, an amazing organization that has been building homes in Mexico since the 1980’s.  Since the inception, One Small House’s goals have remained simple: Make a difference and have fun.  Over the past ten years, Rob has done just that.  He has organized the construction of over thirty homes, a community health center and hospice facility for the needy residents of Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico.  Before he began this endeavor, Rob served as a United States Marine from 1995 – 1999.  He is a graduate of Hunter College and SUNY Downstate College of Medicine.

Dr. Alex Langley is from a small town near Syracuse, NY.  He attended the University of Rochester and earned a Masters in Public Health degree from Tufts University.  He is drawn to the “general awesomeness” of One Small House and has been an incredible asset organizing trips.  His “Spanglish” skills are not only a valuable skill, they also earned him the “Rosetta Stone Award” during the clinic build in December 2010.  Above all, his great attitude epitomizes One Small House.

Sterling Plenert is a New York native and professional architect. His knowledge of construction is invaluable, and he recently designed and led the fabrication of the Casa de Salud community health center for Lazaro Cardenas. He is an incredible leader and an even more incredible teacher. During One Small House trips, Sterling is in charge of ensuring that every volunteer is given the chance to truly learn how to build a house. Fueled by Mountain Dew and Pop Tarts, he keeps One Small House projects truly in the hands of volunteers.

Mickey Heller has been honored to serve with One Small House for approximately seven years. Since his first build in Mexico, his life has been forever changed and inspired by the love, compassion and generosity of those involved. Whether you are part of a build or supporting financially, those involved know that they are a part of something so very special.  So much love goes forth from all those contributing their time, talents and treasury. When not volunteering on the field or trying to help raise money for OSH, Mickey is a lawyer in Brooklyn, New York with a small, general practice including real estate.

Doug Dorsett has long had a heart for mission work.  As a young man, he spent his summers travelling and doing construction projects for those less fortunate.  He eventually became involved with Habitat for Humanity in the mid 1990’s, where he met Rob and several other members of the One Small House team.  Since then, he has been an avid supporter and contributor to its cause.  While the organization is designed to help the needy, Doug also recognizes the value that giving can provide.