Help us continue our work in Haiti!

It has been over two years since a devastating earthquake hit the impoverished country of Haiti. And despite an initial outpouring of support from the international community, the people of this country are still facing dire situations.

One such need that remains is proper housing. Since the disaster, thousands of families were displaced to “emergency tent cities.” Two years later, these tents remain their permanent homes. Recognizing this need, One Small House decided to expand their efforts and begin building homes in Haiti.

Join Our Team!

In March and April 2012, led by our dedicated volunteers and generous donors, and in collaboration with the Grace Fuller Center, a partnership between the Fuller Center for Housing and Grace International, One Small House, Inc. successfully constructed three duplexes that now house six families.  These homes were built as part of the Lambi Project which includes 56 homes, communal bath houses, latrines and a community center.

We are building on our initial successes in Haiti with two more trips planned in 2012. Trips are scheduled for August 19-25 and October 28-November 3The families selected to receive these homes, as well as those who have received the six homes we’ve already built, are among those living in the tents that border the Lambi site. Our commitment will hopefully provide a spark that will get families into homes much quicker and hurry the project to completion. If you are interested in signing up for either of these trips, please do so at: We’re all filled up for the August trip, but those interested in the October trip must register and pay volunteer fees by September 21, 2012.

For more information regarding these trips, please check out our message board by clicking here. We’ve also created a Volunteer Packet for the August Build. You can download it by clicking hereAnd you can always send us an email:

Also, as an organization, OSH is led entirely by volunteers. No one takes a salary and we put all of our donations into building homes for needy families. If you would like to support us, please do. Your donation is tax deductable and we promise it will go giving a needy family a proper place to call home.

Meet the families we’ll be helping in August

Lundine Joassaint has 4 children. Her husband is Delice Desire. She has four children: Cedric -14, Kerby -11, Sandinu -9, Benchle -6. Lundine has been involved at the Lambi Community by volunteering her time picking up garbage throughout the camp. Her two older children are in the countryside for the summer as she is not able to feed them now. They will be back in September to attend school hopefully in time to move into their new home.  

Guito Nere has two children with his wife Julienne. Together they have two children: Sindy – 9, and Andy -4. At the time of photo, Julienne was out selling items on the street and the two children were back at the main refugee camp. At this time, the Lord’s Kitchen was operational again at the refugee camp. Therefore, families send their children to stay there for as long as possible so that they can get food there. Guito has been very helpful at Lambi and was also helpful at the main refugee camp as the water distribution technician.  He is also the operator for the new generator that was purchased by One Small House a couple of months ago.

To help support or join our October build, click here!